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So guys I’m looking to share my wife and haven’t got a clue where to start? You see I’ve recently found out about my wife cheating she told me its been going on for a year or so and to be honest I think she got a kick telling me. I’ve always been a little submissive and the wife quite dominant and she matter of fact told me I could leave or learn to live with the fact that I have to share her with other guys. Some people would think I had a screw loose if I told them the idea of sharing my wife turned me on.. My wife is always telling me she loves big dick, the bigger the better penetrating her wet vagina, she laughs and tells me how crap I am in bed and its going to take watching another man fucking her to see just how a real man should please her. I’m not going to lie I love being humiliated by her so now I want to know who wants to share my wife? Lets get something arranged and you can do as you wish to her.

My wife has full control who she meets and fucks choosing the guy is down to her that’s our condition! If she doesn’t like you then it’s on to the next guy so I’m going to make it easy for you. If your aged between 20 30, dark haired, tall, well endowed, into casual sex and have no problem with me the husband being present and finally live in the Berkshire area then you’re in with a good chance of meeting and fucking my wife in my company. There is no involvement from me I just want to watch as you show her a good time and if you give her what she wants then maybe she can sort me out if you know what I mean once you have gone home. Message us now and lets share my naughty hot wife.

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